Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Castle of the Bloated One - Library Complex

August 26, 1977 Original Concept

The Library Complex was the hardest area for me to design for TCofBO, because I couldn't picture how it should look. I thought about the various real world libraries I had visited, from our local county to the Smithsonian in DC, but, none of those captured the exact image in my head.

I wanted a sprawling library with hundreds of shelves and reams of books. Then it dawned on me that columns to support the structure could play into my hands, so a single large room, some 70 feet wide by 140 feet long was laid out. One large room quickly mutated into three, all connected by small passages.

A secret door led to the Tunnels to the North, and twin Eastern passages fed into the Prison Complex proper. Lastly, a connecting passage led into the heart of the Motte Tower sub-basement to the West.

The Library was open for business.


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