Sunday, July 21, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Bloated Blowfish Tavern

7 December, 1977:
In 1977 the Bloated Blowfish was hand drawn on brown rolled paper, and included 3 separate taverns/inns situated on a hill side overlooking Lake Elise. Then I transferred it to graph paper.
When I started mapping it in Sketchup I had considered reworking some of the features. But I decided the design deserved to be preserved on this blog, and thus, included below are in-progress images of the very tavern this blog is named for. 
The familiar Sign:
 Approach on Tavern 1, commoners tend to flock here, and includes an upper level balcony 
 Entrance to Tavern 2, in the foreground, Tavern 1 in the background:
 Another view showing external rooms, and 2nd/3rd floors of Tavern 1:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Blacksmith

23 December, 1978:
Continuing the Modular building designs I wanted to recreate my first Blacksmith Shop. This was a key point in the evolution of my campaign because this was the 2nd building I ever created - after the slightly famous tavern this blog is named for. 

Close-up up of Anvil and Bellows:

More to come,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Watermill

20 December, 1978:
Continuing the Modular Buildings, I decided to mash together a Watermill, which features a Gristmill for grinding flour. Originally I wanted to do a full river with inboard region where the water was directed into the feeding trough, but decided it was a feature I didn't need for this particular model.

An overview of the completed Gristmill with flowing water:
 Rear view with stairs/entrance:
Look inside with gears and mechanism:
Closeup of the waterway:


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Finished Outpost

19 December, 1978:

In my original notes from December of '78 I wrote:

"This outpost is approximately 50' tall and includes wooden stairs, crenelations, and arrow slots and doors near the top. It sets near a cliff edge, protected by water on the front and a sheer drop of some 33 feet to the back. The main entrance is protected by a drawbridge and includes a wheel mechanism to raise and lower it and a dungeon entrance is located in the basement, running off into the nearby foothills.".

Wheel Mechanism for the drawbridge with rope leading outside:
Stair/Railing, and arrow slot/door detail:
 Finished model with early afternoon shadows in place:
 Another view:
 Cutaway of the 6 level Outpost:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Outpost- In Progress

This is a snapshot of in progress work on a Outpost Tower in Sketchup. Unlike the previous post, this is strictly a columnar design.

 Sectional view showing interior, drawbridge mechanism, dungeon and stairs
View with Drawbridge up:


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Guard Tower

December 12,  1978

Turning from the Mage's Study (for a bit), I initially designed a small Guard Tower/Mage stronghold with simple construction in 1978 that would become Mordacai Vision's first residence. The tower has 3 full floors and roof - all supported by a double I-Beam construction and Arrow Slits. The Mage stronghold is accessed via a secured walkway, and basement entrance/exit.

Front view:
 Rear view (with walkway):
 Cutaway view showing inner details (steps/handrail, and ladders leading to roof/dungeon):