Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wierd Ponderings...

For as long as I can remember clearly from my youth, the deepest fantasy moments came due to books, movies, the occasional comic and a game called Dungeons & Dragons. I have in the past three years shared some of the background on my earliest gaming experiences on this blog, intermixed within various other topics like Planemorphs, Original DM software reviews, and some of my recent work in recompiling The Castle of The Bloated One - the original castle (and its nefarious current owner) from my 1977 campaign  *deep breath*

Point is, until now I wasn't really sure if anyone would be interested in the ramblings of a slightly crazed (-to-be-49-year-old) man (in 4 days) who (still) has a passion for gaming. This game is still the best after 38 years of doing it. In three years I've seen the interest (in subscribers) grow to 17. Now I realize 17 isn't record setting, nor is it even noteworthy outside of my small circle of friends that play this seriously weird game, but hell, I'm getting comments and PMs at Dragonsfoot forum and the Dragonsfoot Chat. Yes, I do talk there from time to time - when I ain't gaming/designing/doing cartography/working.

So to each and every one of you brave (brilliant) crazy (*flexes muscles*) guys, thanks!! 

But the other day someone said - your campaign is good, but you can "bring it" a bit more. So I'm going to focus the next two years on doing TCotBO from my maps and compiled notes and featuring it on my Blog. In turn the victi..errr players in this edition of my campaign will also be the guinea pigs.

The 1st level of Castle Zagyg awaits, you guys wanted me to bring it?


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