Monday, December 10, 2012

The Castle of the Bloated One - Earthmaster Site Level 4

December 04, 1984 Original Concept

As with level 3, level 4 requires a condition to be met prior it becoming available to explore/use. Once the requirement is met, then the four walls slide silently into the floor, opening up a massive structure. Like the previous rooms, this entire structure is made of Psuedo-stone, and the floors, walls and ceiling are perfectly smooth. 

There are seven main paths within the Vargas Earthmaster site that can be explored. Each leads upwards to a perfectly circular room, that contains a rotating 10 foot sphere. Each sphere is of a specific element, in this case, one of the seven prime of the world. The known elemental stones are:

Amethyst (quartz)
Sapphire (star)

What other secrets this site contains have yet to be discovered...

Included below is the Vargas Earthmaster Site, level 4 in original black, and for those that prefer an easy-on-the-pocket-print-version, simple white:


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