Monday, December 10, 2012

The Castle of the Bloated One - Castle Complex

December 09, 1977 Original Concept

The Castle Complex was first laid out on a brown roll of paper, and then transferred to graph paper three months later. Ideally I envisioned the castle as being a network of smaller buildings that dealt with day-to-day operations, and because it would (hopefully) fade out of this existence, it needed to be self sustaining. From blacksmith and fletchers, to food stores and a couple smoke houses, the courtyard quickly filled up.

In design, I originally considered the entire complex, including outer walls to be able to "faze out", but then I thought about a section of the outer walls that would remain behind. Perhaps even one of it's "homes" would be nothing but rubble, due either to the passage of time or some catastrophic event. So the "Ruins of the Bloated One" remained a future project., while this current layout became my primary focus.

Presented below is the main floor of the Castle Complex:


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