Monday, December 10, 2012

The Castle of the Bloated One - Earthmaster Site Level 3

December 04, 1984 Original Concept

Level 3 of the Vargas Earthmaster site is a sealed affair, accessible only after seven specific items are placed on the dais into the depressions, and in the proper order. When the requirements are fulfilled, the eastern-most wall in this chamber slides silently upward revealing a 70' X 70' square room that features paintings on each wall. The air in this room is fresh, while the floor is very smooth and dust-free.

Depicts a jungle, with a large step-pyramid structure rising above the trees.

Depicts a desert, with a large smooth pyramid rising above the dunes.

Depicts a lake and waterfall, with a large obelisk rising out of the water.

Depicts an archway, while the rest of the wall is covered in stars.

Included below is the Vargas Earthmaster Site, level 3 in original black, and for those that prefer an easy-on-the-pocket-print-version, simple white:


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