Friday, January 25, 2013

Ruins of Sin & Sorrow

March 1, 1978 Original Concept

Seismic activity during the construction of the Prison on the remains of the Flora and Fauna Lab led mages to consider that more structures could exist in the region of the Castle, but no proof existed verifying their claims.

Then, an ancient song  was found in the Crestfallen Library Annex that spoke of ruins long lost:

The Canticle of the Jezeret:

I lit the candles quickly, and poured the wine amply, then sat and began
- oh tell me Necromancer, of the fate of the dancer...
He gazed into my eye, as the flames did die and He said... 

"The sin that drags the soul, the stone guardians upon the knoll.
They withered away, their secrets became hearsay.
While deep under, lights faded and glowed like amber.
Beasts dream of the 'morrow, that leads to a feast of sorrow."

He withered away, as I leaned back against the archway 
I shivered and pondered his words, as the sound of halberds did fall...

Presented below is the Ruins of Sin & Sorrow:

The Old Ruins in Isometric view:

 Room of Passage:

 Bridge of Sorrows:

Cavern of Sin:


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ruins of Lycosis

February 28, 1978 Original Concept

Lycosis is a well known Cleric/Thief whom built a reputation for taking (and finishing) the jobs that few would. For years, he worked both sides of the balance, building loyalties in the Temple of Anubis and gaining rare status as "Benefactor to his Grace" and playing the dark hand by serving Khepera, God of Beetles. He remains an enigma due to his disappearance during the Geomancer Wars, after serving as the right hand of the Forgotten God.

Old manuscripts speak of a ruin that highlights thievery and priestly sides of his personality, while rumors persist of flooded hallways and forgotten horrors. Few have cracked the mysteries the complex is said to hide.

Presented below is the Ruins of Lycosis:

The Ruins of Lycosis in Isometric view:


Friday, January 11, 2013

Pyramid of Lux the Mad : Final Data/Images

February 9, 1978 Original Concept

Earlier, I showed a exterior view of the Pyramid of Lux the Mad in Sketchup. One of the benefits I've discovered in using this software is that I'm able to visually line up levels drawn on paper, and then see how they fit together in 3D. Thus, while the 2 halves of the inner pyramid were solid in concept, seeing them match up internally added to the overall feel.

As a teaser, the inner Pyramid structure:

Perhaps its just me, but seeing something I did 30+ years ago in a virtual space is quite a kick, and it also reinforces my original concepts - proof in the Black Pudding - so to speak. Thus, the pyramid includes the exterior entrance (some 390' below ground) and all of the levels in place internally via cutaway. To begin, the final size is:

From tip to base, 392' 6"
Side to side, 555' 15/16"

For comparison's sake, the Cheops Pyramid is:
From tip to base (with capstone), 480' 11 17/64"
Side to side, 755' 9 19/64"

The Lux's Pyramid is approximately 82% (heigth) and 73% (width) of the Cheops Pyramid.

Front View:

Side View:

Isometric Grand Entrance:

Isometric Grand Entrance (Interior):  

Close-up of the Grand Entrance

Different View showing levels in place:


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pyramid of Lux the Mad: Level 7

February 9, 1978 Original Concept

The 7th Level took a bit longer in Sketchup due to some of the details that were originally done in 1978. Sadly, part of the notes that I had for this level don't exist anymore, but as I was designing the level, I remembered bits and pieces, and enough details which can be seen in the accompanying screenshots.

Thus, all seven levels of the Pyramid of Lux the Mad are complete. Next up are couple small sets of ruins within the walls of The Castle of the Bloated One.

Presented below is the 7th, and final level of the Pyramid of Lux the Mad:

 Descending entrance ramp (from Level 6), leads down to the central 7 door room (Iso view):

Grand Hallway view, including Kings Chamber (Iso view):

Side details including the Upper Rooms (to the right), and Kings Chamber (Iso view):

Side details including the Lower rooms and Hall of the Obelisks (Iso view): 

 Closeup of the Pyramid door (external):

When opened, the door slides down into the floor, and the pyramid interior reveals...a traditional Puzzle:


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pyramid of Lux the Mad: Level 6

February 9, 1978 Original Concept

Level 6 continues the run of multi-tiers built into a single level. This particular area is ripe with exploration possibilities and also has plenty of surprises. When I first designed this, I used a sheet of brown rolled paper to try and draw it in perspective, that was a nightmare. Fortunately Sketchup was up to the task - as was my sanity.

Presented below is the 6th level of the Pyramid of Lux the Mad:

Entrance stairs of Level 6 in isometric view:

Rear look of Level 6 in isometric view:

The Obelisks, Grand Stairway..and hints of Mastaba housing:

..and another view:

..King Tut: