Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bloated Blowfish:Commons Tavern Detailed Maps

For those wondering, I've just finished moving and was without internet access. However, I can now continue posting info on the Bloated Blowfish Tavern complex.

Commons Tavern: First Floor

The layout is housed on the lower plateau that overlooks Lake Elise and grants easy access for town-folk, fishermen and travelers. The first floor includes main tavern hall complete with large fireplace, spacious fronting bar and kitchen. 

Kitchen access is granted through a closed door, located near the stairs which lead to the second floor. A secondary storage room, containing steps to the basement, sits next to the kitchen. Entertainers passing through the Lake Elise region typically perform near the fireplace.

Commons Tavern: Second Floor

The second floor includes two large private rooms and a balcony area where the town-folk gather. It features a set of built in tables and benches which face inwards, and overlook the lower level. Entertainers performing below will either have a) coppers tossed down at them, or B) chicken bones depending on their entertainment level.

An outdoor balcony is accessible via a door on the Southern wall.

Commons Tavern: Basement

The basement is accessed via the storage room on the first floor and includes wine casks, two large wine racks and other small storage rooms. (B10) A secret door, located along the Northern wall leads to (B13) which includes a passage that leads up to the Blowfish Regal Tavern basement and to a sealed portcullis.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Bloated Blowfish :Commons Tavern

7 December, 1977:

The Blowfish Commons Tavern is the meeting place for most people, given it's proximity to the Lake Elise harbor, and being on the lower hillock overlooking the town of Troyen. The tavern features 2 floors; a lower level with large fireplace, and upper balcony region (with 2 private rooms) and outer balcony for solitude.

 Second Floor - with Balcony, 2 private rooms, and outer balcony
 First Floor with Fireplace entrance and Steps leading up to the Regal Tavern/Inn
Basement with passage leading North to Barred Portcullis (Adventure Path 1)


Modular Dungeon - Bloated Blowfish Tavern - Finished

7 December, 1977:

After 48 hours of work, I'm proud to present the finished Bloated Blowfish Tavern/Inn. The next few posts will focus on the individual buildings, and includes floor plans (where applicable).

My original notes and maps included the following info:

The Blowfish was originally built on the ruins of a unfinished castle in the Crestfallen Mountains, and began operation in the only finished building, the guard tower. The tower was the first stronghold in the Troyen region, standing as both shelter and trading post to and from the Lake Elise region. Some 106 years later, the tower fell in disrepair as the result of a major quake that killed 14 guards and 23 peasants.

This particular quake led to the formation of two major features in the realm; the destruction of the 12000 foot peak known as Herald's Peak - which blocked the original Salt Route (altering the flow of the Soulease River), and caused the formation of Landsdrop. 

Lord Silverleaf, with son in tow made the journey shortly after news reached his court of the disaster. After surveys of the region deemed the event to have settled, a retainer by the name of Horace "Flatfoot" Feshel came forward with a bold plan - which led to to the construction of the series of buildings that have come to be known as "The Blowfish".

An overview of the complex:
 Blowfish Commons: Tavern

 Blowfish Regal: Tavern/Inn (Upper Promontory)

Blowfish Tower - Tavern/Inn (Upper Promontory)
Blowfish Stables - Upper Promontory


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Bloated Blowfish Tavern

7 December, 1977:
In 1977 the Bloated Blowfish was hand drawn on brown rolled paper, and included 3 separate taverns/inns situated on a hill side overlooking Lake Elise. Then I transferred it to graph paper.
When I started mapping it in Sketchup I had considered reworking some of the features. But I decided the design deserved to be preserved on this blog, and thus, included below are in-progress images of the very tavern this blog is named for. 
The familiar Sign:
 Approach on Tavern 1, commoners tend to flock here, and includes an upper level balcony 
 Entrance to Tavern 2, in the foreground, Tavern 1 in the background:
 Another view showing external rooms, and 2nd/3rd floors of Tavern 1:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Blacksmith

23 December, 1978:
Continuing the Modular building designs I wanted to recreate my first Blacksmith Shop. This was a key point in the evolution of my campaign because this was the 2nd building I ever created - after the slightly famous tavern this blog is named for. 

Close-up up of Anvil and Bellows:

More to come,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Watermill

20 December, 1978:
Continuing the Modular Buildings, I decided to mash together a Watermill, which features a Gristmill for grinding flour. Originally I wanted to do a full river with inboard region where the water was directed into the feeding trough, but decided it was a feature I didn't need for this particular model.

An overview of the completed Gristmill with flowing water:
 Rear view with stairs/entrance:
Look inside with gears and mechanism:
Closeup of the waterway:


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Finished Outpost

19 December, 1978:

In my original notes from December of '78 I wrote:

"This outpost is approximately 50' tall and includes wooden stairs, crenelations, and arrow slots and doors near the top. It sets near a cliff edge, protected by water on the front and a sheer drop of some 33 feet to the back. The main entrance is protected by a drawbridge and includes a wheel mechanism to raise and lower it and a dungeon entrance is located in the basement, running off into the nearby foothills.".

Wheel Mechanism for the drawbridge with rope leading outside:
Stair/Railing, and arrow slot/door detail:
 Finished model with early afternoon shadows in place:
 Another view:
 Cutaway of the 6 level Outpost:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Outpost- In Progress

This is a snapshot of in progress work on a Outpost Tower in Sketchup. Unlike the previous post, this is strictly a columnar design.

 Sectional view showing interior, drawbridge mechanism, dungeon and stairs
View with Drawbridge up:


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Guard Tower

December 12,  1978

Turning from the Mage's Study (for a bit), I initially designed a small Guard Tower/Mage stronghold with simple construction in 1978 that would become Mordacai Vision's first residence. The tower has 3 full floors and roof - all supported by a double I-Beam construction and Arrow Slits. The Mage stronghold is accessed via a secured walkway, and basement entrance/exit.

Front view:
 Rear view (with walkway):
 Cutaway view showing inner details (steps/handrail, and ladders leading to roof/dungeon):


Friday, June 28, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Mage Study (continued)

No Study would be complete without a book, loose parchment paper, candle and coffers:

 Current Mage Study objects (excluding previously completed bookshelf, fireplace and chair)


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Mage Desk

This short post features the next three items in the Mage's Study. The fancy desk includes quill pen with ink bottle, hourglass complete with sand/translucent glass, and a scroll with double leather case.

Closeup of the Quill Pen and Ink bottle
Scroll & Double Leather Case:


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Hocus-Pocus


In December of '77, while working on a small tower, I wrote in the Diary of the Geomancer Mordacai Vision, about his master:

"My father, Malistaire has finished work on his study, an opulent room with flowing hand-carved timbers hanging down from the ceiling, and bookcases stuffed with a wealth of knowledge. The central feature; a podium with radiating arms from the base and a set of small pillars topped by dual candles. Blue to match his eyes, the bastard!"

Thus, I present Malistaire's Podium (in 3 views):

Modular Dungeon - last of the Torture implements...

First, a shout-out to Oculus Orbus, a fellow Blogger (whose Blog you can find in my Gossip Section) and friend from Dragonsfoot whom turned me on to resizing my images for easier/faster viewing/loading. I'll have to go through and re-size everything, but the first page of posts has been edited, so a big old "Humpity-Hump" to O.o. for the not-so-subtle suggestion. 8)

[Continued from the last post]

Today I've finished up the last of 18 specific items for the Torture Chamber, these last three items are shown below, including a fire-pit, bench and finishing touch, a Guillotine.
 Closeup of the Guillotine:

At some point in the next day or so, I'll put together a full Torture Chamber, and make it Modular for easy insertion into any dungeon. From here I believe I can safely move on to detailing the next room - an Alchemists/Sage/Mage Laboratory.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Modular Dungeon Icons - more bits...

[Continued from the last post]

Next up is a small grouping that includes two similar style tables, one designed as a fancier desk, and the second fits into the Torture Chamber - and includes some details.

Lastly (for this post) is a Strappado, Brazier (with grate for heating instruments), and everyone's favorite, the classic Rack

The Strappado is a variant of the Rack, although in use traditionally the victim's hands are tied behind his back and then suspended in the air by means of a rope attached to wrists, which most likely dislocates both arms.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Modular Dungeon Icons - Odds & Ends

[Continued from the last post]

I've continued to add more items to the Modular Dungeon Icons, this time focusing on some pieces that I needed which fall into the "specialty" category, so without further ado.

To begin, a set of bridges, the first a variation on the Suspension, but each tends to be encountered both in dungeon and wilderness settings:

 Next is a oddball, a set of stairs with doorway underneath - for this preview I'm including a split image that shows both front and backside.
Lastly, an old favorite, the torture chamber (furnishings) - rubs hands together gleefully: