Saturday, March 30, 2013

5 Mile Wilderness Hex

August 28, 1977 Original Concept

The original concept for this project was based on the idea to create individual 5 mile hexes that were modular in nature. Each hex would be fully fleshed out, with encounters/points of interest included, and could be dropped into any campaign world. The first hex focuses on two specific areas, The Castle of the Bloated One and the Vale of Kings, but also includes seven small towns, three lakes, two ruins. and one set of standing stones:

The Castle of the Bloated One environment:
  • 5 level Castle
  • 2 Full Dungeon Levels
  • Pyramid of Lux the Mad
  • Ruins of Sin & Sorrow
  • Ruins of Lycosis
  • Vargas EarthMaster Site
The Vale of Kings environment:
  • Mines of Neb-Tet
  • VK I - Hahmere II
  • VK II - Mut I
  • VK III - Seshem IV
  • VK IV - Malshek III
  • VK V - Nebthet II
  • VK VI - Hem I
  • VK VII - Ptah-Hetep II
  • VK IX - Mahdram I
  • VK XIII - Unknown
The original image is about 80 meg in size, so this is a reduced version to save load times. Thus, presented below is the completed 5 Mile Wilderness Hex:

A closeup of the Castle Precinct, taken from the Sketchup original model:


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Prison Levels - Sketchup

August 26, 1977 Original Concept

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012, I posted the overhead of the Prison Complex, which included the sub-levels and dungeon. As I've recreated each map for this project, I've also decided to create them in Sketchup, for a couple reasons. In some instances it is much easier to visualize what specific areas look like to ensure my original concepts are sound, but I can, if needed, include some of these Isometric images (in cropped/tighter views) in the finished product to help the DM/Player(s) during adventuring.

Without further ado, the original overhead:

The layout in Sketchup Isometric View:

The main dungeon complex:

The basement and secondary dungeon:


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vargas Earthmaster Site Sketchup

December 04, 1984 Original Concept

On December 12th of 2012, I posted an overhead of the Vargas EarthMaster Site. It showed the central chamber once the secrets of the previous 3 rooms had been solved:

I've since went through and recreated the entire site in Sketchup, which showcases the unique structure. Presented below is the Vargas EarthMaster Site in Sketchup Isometric view:

Closer view of the various platforms:

"Stairs to the Stars"

The Central Podium:


Monday, March 11, 2013

"Castle of the Bloated One" Dungeon Level 1

August 24, 1977 Original Concept

In an earlier post, dated Tuesday, October 16, 2012, I showed a map of the Castle of the Bloated One with an overlay of Dungeon Level 1.
This post details the entire dungeon level laid out in Sketchup, with various points of interest highlighted. We begin with the Dungeon Level isolated in basic white:
The entire level in Sketchup Isometric view:

Barracks Complex:

EarthMaster Site : Level 1:

Library Complex:

Mausoleum Complex: Level 1:

 Prison Complex: Dungeon Level

Prison Central:


Monday, March 4, 2013

"Castle of the Bloated One" Mausoleum Level 2

March 30, 1978 Original Concept

The last two levels of this project map wise are now my focus. Looking back at my 1978 notes, I wrote: " ...three sub levels to house the wives of The Beguiler, a central main hall with branching structures, two cavern complexes: one leading to a watery isle, the other includes two warring tribes fighting for control of the region..."

The Mausoleum's 2nd level, located in the upper left quadrant of the Castle of the Bloated One is a fairly large structure with many secrets. Entrance is denoted by the RED X

Mausoleum Level 2 Overhead:

Included below are two Isometric Views of the Mausoleum Level 2:

The 126 Tombs of the Wives of the Beguiler:

The Temple of Kings: