Friday, December 21, 2012

TCotBO - Pyramid of Lux the Mad - Level 1

February 9, 1978 Original Concept

The Pyramid of Lux the Mad has a 10 foot central building on it's top that features twin sealed floating doors. This structure is surrounded by water, which falls down the front of the pyramid, passing between twin steps on its descent and disappears into a 10 foot building with a single wide sealed door on the Southern face.

The water flows in an endless stream, and seems to be permanently clean and pure. Mages have pondered the water for years, but it was a child that gave them the first clues of it's mysterious cycle; he dropped a wooden toy boat into the stream and it appeared back at the top, continuing its journey back down to the delighted boy.

The pyramid is made of a black cobalt, while the doors - stucco-yellow in appearance - are surrounded by deep golden frames. Writing adorns the doors, in a language scholars believe is of an ancient dialect.

Thus, presented below are 3D side and top views of the 1st level of the Pyramid of Lux the Mad:

Presented below is a perspective view of the 1st level of the Pyramid of Lux the Mad: 


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