Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pyramid of Lux the Mad: Levels 1-2

February 9, 1978 Original Concept

The earliest records of Alux Mahdram indicate that she was once a student of the Mage's Guild at Hawk's Point around 204 BE. She showed great promise early on, but the death of her mother at the hands of a Paladin under suspicious conditions led many to believe Alux's mind fractured. Crestfallen Library records show that she fell out of favor quickly for wanting to perform dark arts that called upon forgotten magic, in the hopes of discovering the truth of her mother's demise.. 

She disappeared for a time, surfacing in Memphis some twenty years later, and quickly assumed leadership of her own cult, the "Seeker's of Light":
Alux quickly grew in power, and for the next thirty years hatched schemes to feed her schism, all in the hopes of solving her mother's murder. Outside of the cult, she worked with the local villages and with the aid of  a clan of dwarves set about building a lasting monument to her cult - the Pyramid of Light.

Then, in 502 BE she discovered a document that led to the summoning of a demon whose very name the world had forgotten. Lux the Mad as she came to be known, simply disappeared and whether the Cult continues to exist is unknown.

Presented below are the first  two levels of the Pyramid of Lux the Mad:

Level 1 in isometric view:

Level 2A in isometric view:
 Level 2B in isometric view:

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