Thursday, August 11, 2016

Custom Mapwork: Basement

The basement includes one of my favorite features in maps, both carved rooms and natural caverns. I decided to add in a stone backround, which I feel finishes the design:


Custom Mapwork: Ground Floor

The Ground Floor mentioned a vegetable garden outside, but no details were included. This was an opportunity to create one in black and white, and add in a bit of detail including a cobblestone path and well. The design also required two Sphinx at the entrance:


Custom Mapwork: First Floor

A fellow gamer over at Dragonsfoot had put a request out for some custom work, and after seeing my blog, he sent over some preliminary sketches.

Based on a beloved cartoon
Black & White layout
Three levels: Basement, Ground Floor, First Floor

The first floor inludes a shaded balcony region where the chandelier is:


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Isolde-Delta and the Coins of the Realm - Collected

27 March, 1978:

To finalize the revisit of original material, included below is a collected image showing all five coins together.


Isolde-Delta and the Coins of the Realm - Mithril

27 March, 1978:

Mithril Ore
Jorel Lightbottom and Elisea Land’orel found the first recorded Mithril Ore, and created a design that represented the shared love of the land and its history. They, and odd pair, spent weeks deciding on a design – seen arguing occasionally well into the night. Finally they settled on Mithril Ore, with the phrase: Blood in Legend, Blood in the Vein (Legenda in sanguinem, sanguinem in venam). Presented below is the Mithril coin:

Isolde-Delta and the Coins of the Realm - Platinum

27 March, 1978:

Platinum Crown
Selvarus One-Eye (Court Jester to Lord Prothall) had his blacksmith brother (long-departed) create a replica of the King’s crown. During the Feast of Ravers, he stumbled blind drunk into the court and sat on the throne. Donning the real crown, he decreed “My crown should be seen far and wide, whether I’m sitting or crapping”. The King thought it was a grand suggestion, and chose the phrase: Glory, Honor, Unity (Palma Veneratio Iunctum). Presented below is the Platinum coin:

Isolde-Delta and the Coins of the Realm - Gold

27 March, 1978:

Gold Shield/Sword
The Church of Sorakis settled on the shield and sword of their warrior/mage class, the templar. This is the living embodiment of their creed, and represents the balance needed for success in the world. Encircled by the phrase, Live by the Word, Sword in Hand (Vivunt ex Verbo, evaginatum tenentem gladium). Presented below is the Gold Sword:


Isolde-Delta and the Coins of the Realm - Silver

27 March, 1978:

Silver Axe 
The Valley Dwarves of Isolde, master wood and stone carvers, chose their favored Wood Axe. During the spring and fall equinox, the dwarves travel throughout the realm, selling their wares during festivals and local events. The phrase is, Balance Leads to Victory (Pondera Plumbum ut Victoria). Presented below is the Silver Axe:


Isolde-Delta and the Coins of the Realm - Copper

Rarely do I revisit previous posts, but I found another missing page from my Isolde-Delta history, which gives me missing details on the coins of the realms. That info originally appeared in the non-traditional sandbox design series of articles:

27 March, 1978: 

Isolde-Delta Coins History 

When Isolde-Delta received the official deed of crenellation, two writs were sent throughout the realm. The first detailed the official decree, (found on the official Isolde-Delta map):
The second writ asked each settlement from the smallest fife to the largest city to decide upon a symbol and slogan that best represented them. Once a choice had been made, they were asked to petition an artist whom would create the design professionally. Each symbol would then be voted upon via Land Census at the end of that year, and the best designs would then be minted and represent the five coins of the realms. They were: 

Copper - Lotus - The Church of the White Lotus (Monks) 
Silver - Axe - The Valley Dwarves of Isolde 
Gold - Shield/Sword - The Church of Sorakis (Haven) 
Platinum - Crown - Selvarus One-Eye (Court Jester to Lord Prothall) 
Mithril - Ore - Jorel Lightbottom and Elisea Lan'orel (Dwarf/Elf) 

A grove of trees was chosen as the symbol of the realm, and would be included on the back of each minted coin. The ancient language of Latin, created in Harnic runes would be used for the slogan that would adorn each piece.

Copper Lotus
The monks of the realms during an enclave, voted unanimously that the Church of the White Lotus should represent their vested interest. They chose the Lotus flower because it represents the simple man in Isolde, his journey through life and the balance one must achieve with the realm of Nature. The phrase is one of the three guiding axioms of the faith, Harmony and Peace with Nature (Consensio quod Pacis per Vis).  Presented below is the Copper Lotus:Cheers,

Monday, August 1, 2016

Isolde-Delta and the Planes

18 August, 1979:

Gencon XII - I'd made the trip out to the holy land of Dungeon & Dragons, and had returned with a plethora of goodies. One of my first impressions of the new (at that time) Dungeon Master's Guide was the treatment that the various Known Planes of Existence were given on page 121.
I'm sure I'm in the minority that of all the things the DMG had to offer, that I'd choose a widely debated graphic as one of my favorites. In truth, Gods, Demigods & Heroes (of OD&D fame - 1976) was my first taste of what powers existed, and only when I bought Dieties and Demigods in 1980 did I fully comprehend the majesty that a full campaign could offer to both me and my players alike. Of course, the wonderful images of the various pantheons (some by fan favorite Jeff Dee) inspired me even more.

I wasn't completely happy with the Planes layout at the bottom of the image above, but I recently found an updated version that more closely captured my view of the wheel that both my calendar and planes follow. I decided to recreate it in Google Sketchup, add names of the various planes, add in alignments,a lovely astral background and drop in my own Isolde-Delta logo as a finishing touch.

Thus, the finished image: