Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Castle of the Bloated One - Earthmaster Site Level 2

December 04, 1984 Original Concept

The main Vargas Earthmaster site is reached by first traversing a long connecting tunnel, some 290' in length, due East of the main entrance. The tunnel itself has sheer straight walls with an arched ceiling, of which an intermingling of pinkish-grey stone can be seen every 40' or so.

After following the dry, dust-free hallway, the passages drops down two sets of stairs some 40' before finishing at a small perfectly circular 30' round, 50' tall arched chamber. The entire room, from the entry point archway is comprised completely of this pinkish-grey stone, which has no visible seams, cracks or crafting marks.

The only feature of note is the 13' round, 3 foot tall dais centralized and raised from the smooth floor. The dais has 7 half-moon depressions, although their purpose remains a mystery.

Included below is the Vargas Earthmaster Site, level 2 in original black, and for those that prefer an easy-on-the-pocket-print-version, simple white:


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