Thursday, May 23, 2013

Moradin's Forge

For those wondering, I've been working on this massive 1981 recreation from my original notes/maps in Sketchup, which has taken the better part of 2 months to finish.

August 30, 1981 Original Concept

In the original Deities and Demi Gods, in the Non-Human Gods section we read that Moradin is the God of Dwarves and that central to his worship is an ever-burning Forge. Well I took that idea and ran with it, creating a forge and triple anvil section with a massive bellow system.

I wasn't satisfied, so I decided to expand the forge to include the "Steppes of Moradin" which led upward to a double bridge section, highlighted by a massive symbol of Moradin's Hammer.

Then I thought, why not make an entire Fortress of Moradin.

I added a couple of gates, and a bridge between that could be dropped for defensive purposes.

Ruhluck's Pass was added next, to give an exit via land to other underground/surface destinations.

So I decided to add a full city, with a couple temples, well and dock region for supplies.

Then I needed a rail system, which leads deep into a mine, and had an exit point some 7800 feet to the south.

A view of the entire Fortress::

An overview of the entire complex:

Next I added Mordin's Beacon, an outpost with a massive natural lighthouse-like environment, with a continual light beacon both for security and incoming ships.

Lastly, I included a central open-air hall for ceremonies, and an underground memorial to past Kings: