Saturday, October 1, 2016

1E Character Background

I've posted a copy of the 1E Character Background to the Downloads Archive. I use page 1, and associated tables on page 2, if needed. The rest of the document can be used for more info, perhaps during down time or if more detail is sought/needed.


Blowfish Sign update

I've considered doing a major overhaul to the blog layout wise, but after talking to quite a few people, the majority agreed that the elements fit the theme for a tavern well. That said, this blog does represent my 1E game, my passion for my campaign and it's history.

So two changes have been made; the sign hanging out in the elements now has a weathered grey plank for it's background, with a sign post and chains w/bracket. The second sign has also been weathered, hangs on the wall by the entrance, and greets the patron as they enter.

Overall, I'm pleased with the finished design.