Saturday, September 26, 2015


As part of the re-creation of my original Campaign World, Isolde-Delta I've been using Campaign Cartographer 3 to complete it. On the Southern Coast I had this nice little area, perfect as an ode to a friend from down under, thus Atherton was born.

EST: 419 DF - Population 498



The Maiden's Kiss

An ongoing project of mine is to create 3D items in Sketchup, and make them useable during gaming sessions, thus, the Maiden's kiss was conceived.

11 December, 1979:

The original Maiden's Kiss was drawn on 4 sheets of graph paper, then expanded to include a front Crew Quarter for longer voyages. The ship is nearly 100' in length and is a mainstay around the Southern Coast of Isolde-Delta.

Rear side:
Lower Crew Quarters:
 Captain's Quarters:
 Top View: (I may move the grid closer to increase detail)
  Looking into the lower Crew Quarters:
Front Quarters:
Captain's Quarters:

Sadly, posting images of a 3D object into a 2 dimensional space doesn't quite provide the grandeur I'd like, but hopefully these will whet the appetite.