Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Castle of the Bloated One - Barracks Complex

September 10, 1977 Original Concept

The Barracks Complex was developed on a crisp September morning after I had returned from a walk in the woods behind my Grandparent's house. I spent about 6 hours working on the layout, having connecting tunnels that fed back into the main guard-tower, and filled it with quarters, supplies and weapons.

A hidden northern passage leads directly into the "Constables Precept", which serves as an escape tunnel network for the royalty and perhaps other nefarious activities. 

A southern passage originally led to the tunnels beneath "Oldtown", although the entrance collapsed some sixty years previously; due in part to what is widely considered Bulette or Purpleworm activity. Hence a set of sealed iron bars mark the region and little is known of what lies beyond the debris.

Included below is the Barracks Complex:


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