Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mines of Neb-Tet Isometric Views/Map Key

March 28, 1978 Original Concept

Included below are two Isometric Views of the Mines of Neb-Tet, with Map Key:

A: Mine Entrance (to Vale of Kings)
B: Bridge of the Faithful
C: Giant's Respite
D: Deep Mine Entrance
E: Lizard's Tail
F: Hallow's Pass
G: Steps of the Gifted
H: Last Step (to Western Pass/Old Mithril Mine)
I: Deeds Marker

J: The Sweep
K: Mining Town of Neb-Tet
L: Twin Falls
M: Forlorn Plunge
N: Lift Path (Not Shown)
O: Hider's Shale
P: Open Water to Soulease River


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