Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Vale of Kings" VK IX - Mahdram I

March 21, 1978 Original Concept

Mahdram I, according to the "Book of Kings" was a central figure in the development of a cult, named the "Seeker's of Light". Outside of the cult, she worked with the local villages and with the aid of  a clan of dwarves set about building a lasting monument to her beliefs - the Pyramid of Light... once this was finished, and during the 29th year of her reign, she simply vanished.

Her tomb complex sits on the highest point within the Vale of Kings, and rumors continue to pour forth about the vast wealth, and traps within.

Presented below is the entrance to VK IX:

VK IX Overhead (Entrance):

VK IX Overhead (Tombs):

VK IX Overhead (Cavern):

VK IX in various Isometric views: 


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