Friday, February 15, 2013

"Vale of Kings" VK VI - Hem I

March 19, 1978 Original Concept

Hem's reign, according to the "Book of Kings", lasted 47 years. He was known for building multiple temples, and aided many villages throughout the realm by creating watermills. Ascending to the throne after killing Malshek III, he also had a fascination with death, shown by his deep belief in Osiris and the afterlife. 

His tomb is amongst the most regal in the Vale, and many undead were entombed to protect his secrets.

Presented below is the entrance to VK VI:

VK VI Overhead:

VK VI in various Isometric views:

Fragment from the Scroll of Hem I: "Hidden deep, a passage flows to the Door to Nowhere"

VK VI Uncovered:

VK VI with waterfall and hidden descending passage in various Isometric views:


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