Monday, March 4, 2013

"Castle of the Bloated One" Mausoleum Level 2

March 30, 1978 Original Concept

The last two levels of this project map wise are now my focus. Looking back at my 1978 notes, I wrote: " ...three sub levels to house the wives of The Beguiler, a central main hall with branching structures, two cavern complexes: one leading to a watery isle, the other includes two warring tribes fighting for control of the region..."

The Mausoleum's 2nd level, located in the upper left quadrant of the Castle of the Bloated One is a fairly large structure with many secrets. Entrance is denoted by the RED X

Mausoleum Level 2 Overhead:

Included below are two Isometric Views of the Mausoleum Level 2:

The 126 Tombs of the Wives of the Beguiler:

The Temple of Kings:


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