Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mines of Neb-Tet

March 28, 1978 Original Concept

The Mines of Neb-Tet were originally used as a quarry for some of the larger stones needed for temples and pyramids in the region, but in the last 300 years precious stones and Mithril have became the focus. This mine contains the first working lift system, used to lower ore down to the ships at the base of the triple 160' waterfalls - dwarven ingenuity at it's finest.

Mines of Neb-Teet Overhead:

Points of interest in the Mines (Isometric views):

 The Sweep:
 Steps of the Gifted:
 Mining Town of Neb-Tet (between Falls)
 The Twin Falls
 Bridge of the Faithful:
 Giant's Respite:
 Lift System:

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