Friday, February 15, 2013

"Vale of Kings" VK VII - Ptah-Hetep II

March 19, 1978 Original Concept

The first Pharaoh to be named for a Diety, Ptah-Hetep II enjoyed the longest reign of any king at a staggering 78 years. His major accomplishments include the Twin Temples of Memphis and Bubastis, and the founding of the Mage's "School of Stars". Along with his war general Sokar, he helped establish the great Salt Route, which empowered many villages in the kingdom, and helped provide their wares to a larger population.

His tomb is a simple affair, with the Grand Gallery rumored to hold ancient and long forgotten knowledge.

Presented below is the entrance to VK VII:

VK VII Overhead:

VK VII in various Isometric views:


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