Friday, April 1, 2011

Project X: Part 13

Version 1.2D (Shareware)
Red When Excited
Status: Inactive **
There have been 3 software programs developed for 1E through 4E on the market named Familiar. This is the earliest version, and is one of the most complete packages for character design I've had the pleasure to use. It is based on 2E, but with small changes it fits the 1E game very well. The key words here are flexibility, ease of use, and solid design. One of the high points is the way in which you interact with the various items/weapons etc. throughout the creation process. When its time to outfit a character, you first select the + sign on the weapons tab, which opens a context folder that has all the weapon types listed. then simply choose the folder that applies to your choice, and then click the "hand" that will be carrying this item. On, Two Handed, Off, Throwing and Firing are your choices here. Then you can choose proficiencies, in the same way.

Magic works the same way, with the added bonus that a mage has to buy a spellbook (you can override the cost here by simply clicking purchase anyway) then choose your spells. Open the book in the middle tab, assign the spell to the book (each book has 40 pages) then memorize the spell and it appears in the right tab.

Many of the features here are down right brilliant in concept and execution. In one example I've shown visually, I opened the treasure table, chose 1 of type M, then decided to add in Black Opal Dust with the gold pieces. I can already see making some unique treasure hordes, but more importantly this software gives life to my imagination. Something that I was not expecting, yet was a very pleasant surprise. Another excellent feature is the ability to create magical intelligent weapons. Add in special abilities, Ego, and really this is a solid way to quickly add your own items to the software.

Overall, this software is shareware, and while it isn't an "active" software title at the moment, I've placed an asterisk by the current status due to a possible deal being worked out between us so that access to the code would be given, thus making it available for interested parties to further develop and use. Stay tuned...

I can humbly say this is in my top 3 products I've reviewed for how well everything fits together, and how intuitive everything is. A ton of time was spent developing this product, and it shows. 2 thumbs, way up!


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