Sunday, April 10, 2011

Campaign History: Coins of the Realms

~~Background 1978 - January 21 ~~

My next task was to create a set of coins that represented the various cardinal powers of Isolde, while also sharing my love for all things Latin. It would be 5 more years before Harn came along, but I was already envisioning a world that was based on Medieval Europe, and had a touch of Tolkien. I quickly decided to use Latin as my choice of slogan, and hid each under the guise of a Dwarven - later to be Harnic Rune.

Created by the Church of the White Lotus in 204 DF, the Copper Lotus represents the simple man in Isolde, and the realm of Nature. A classic Harnic font overlays the Latin phrase:

Consensio quod Pacis per Vis
Harmony and Peace with Nature

The Valley Dwarves of Isolde petitioned the Grand Council in 106 DF to have a coin that represented their stake in the affairs of the various Hundreds. The first minted Silver Axe included the Dwarve's favored Wood Axe encircled by the Latin phrase:

Pondera Plumbum ut Victoria
Balance Leads to Victory


The Church of Sorakis was tasked to create a representation of their creed, and in 203 DF they brought forth the Gold Sword. It includes a Reaper's Sword, encircled by the Latin phrase:

Ago per Mucro
Live by the Sword

Lord Prothall decreed in 101 DF that Isolde needed a coin that represented a shared vision of the country, and tasked many artisans. The Platinum Crown was chosen with the King's own slogan of Glory, Honor, Unity surrounded in Harnic Runes:

Palma , Veneratio , Iunctum
Glory, Honor, Unity

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