Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Non-Traditional Sandbox Design 5

13: Create Calendar, and holiday/events of note.

Each month has 30 days, with 5 special events throughout the year. Equinox, Solstice and Drawing are major days that the people look forward to throughout the year, and are known as markers for fairs, tournaments and feasts. Leap of the Faithful happens but once every 4 years, and is a day that the commoners may speak openly with their leaders/kings, and major tournaments are held on this day.

As for names of each month, I wanted to pay tribute to Harn by using their Month names, and adding in my own common names that the people of Isolde would use. The Gregorian references are only included here for clarity.

Drawing of The Moon

Janus: Ilvin: The Dark
Februs: Navek: The Claw
March: Morgat: The Reaping

Spring Equinox

Aprus: Nuzyael: The Weaping
May: Peonu: The Sowing
Junus: Kelen: The Seeking

Summer Solstice

Julus: Nolus: The Eye
Augus: Larane: The Tide
Septem: Agrazhar: Long Shadow

Fall Equinox

Octob: Azura: The Fall
Novem: Halane: The Silence
Decem: Savor: The Return

Winter Solstice
Leap of the Faithful (Once every 4 years)

I wanted to create a circular calendar, that would quickly associate each 3 month section with a color reminiscent of that season. Included herein is the finished Isolde Calendar:


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