Saturday, April 9, 2011

1977 December - The Muckdweller

~~Background 1977 - December 27 ~~

I had this idea for a dark place, filled with a bit of history, and one of my favorite gaming elements - a maze. I had the opportunity to walk a real maze near my Aunt and Uncle's house in Virginia earlier that summer and was blown away by the experience. Thus "The Muckdweller" was born...

This adventure is based on the tragic loss of four children whom disappeared during the midst of a summer festival near Jo'srun. After a few weeks of searching a sense of hopelessness has fallen on the town but a hermit, living in an abandoned complex was suspected of the crime and a few brave locals volunteered to go bring him in for questioning. They were never seen again.

As time passed, and as local legends tend to do, the tale of the Muckdweller grew, and a woeful song whispered on the dark of the moon was born:

"From hill ta hill and vale to vale, no sound replies,
barren and dark deep in the muck, listen to the lies
Four small souls taken away, deep in the night
Lost and not forgotten, hope they yet fight
Old dark hermit deep in the muck, leave us alone
Dark night of grace, filled with woe, how shall we atone"

I'm trying out Maptools (available for free at to redraw all of my original maps, and so far am finding it to be a solid tool, especially with the ability to add in my own designed elements. Maptools can be used for virtual tabletop games, but in this case, I 've been searching for a tool that I can quickly recreate interior maps with little fuss. This first map was done in 10 minutes.

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