Saturday, April 9, 2011

1977 December - The Muckdweller : Notes

~~Background 1977 - December 28 ~~

I sat down to fill out the back story of The Muckdweller and quickly realized most of the work was already done - except for two small areas near the main entrance.

I wanted the adventure to include a large set of possible hooks, and hopefully expand outward into a full blown campaign that the players would want to live in and explore. Little did I know how this one small dungeon would lead to 27 years of adventuring in Indosel, and along the way I'd discover a hobby that would last me a lifetime.

Included below is a snippet of information from the longest active player, Robert:

"Where to start? Indosel was a place that we spent so much time in, it became a second home. 

One of my characters, a fighter by the name of Haran, went from a lowly first level to a full blown castle owner in five years and later became a Lord of Light. My favorite adventure entailed our busting into a Manor that had fallen into the hands of the Church of Sorakis during one of their "services" and rescuing two small children and a grown man. Turned out the priest's enslaved the unfortunate, selling the strong in the Swamps of Mear to the highest bidder and sacrificing the unwilling-to serve females to Sorakis". 

Thus, here ends the backstory of The Muckweller ... for a bit.

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