Friday, April 15, 2011

Non-Traditional Sandbox Design 10

21: Create basic map of towns/villages

Next I create a basic layout of the towns that I've created in previous steps.

For Jo'sRun, I needed a simple frontier town (population of 109) that had a simplistic walled fortification. This could be used as either a base camp, or jump off location to other areas in the region. For this layout, I used RPG CityMap Generator and after adjusting all the settings, it produced a solid layout I envisioned on the 2nd try. I dropped in the 3 main shops in town, and called it complete.

Herein is the finished city sheet:

22: Devise basic monster backgrounds for regions

Next I developed a group of monsters for each region of the original map. Some have just a very basic framework, while others have complete stats and background.

For the Corvis Swamp region, I created the following information:

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