Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Non-Traditional Sandbox Design 9

20: Finish Monthly Calendar (if applicable)

The Monthly Calendar is next on our list. First I decide on the amount of days per month, the length of special seasonal events, if a leap year would be used, and how many moons there are. If moons exist, I set their rotational period.

I lean towards a traditional 30 day calendar for ease of use, but then thought this would be an opportunity to use 28 days and extend each of the 4 major seasonal events to a 6 day period. As an additional bonus, I went with a Leap year, once every 4 years that would be added onto the Summer Solstice.

I employ WeatherMaster, and create a custom world, with all of my info, including the two moons of Isolde; Bast and Nephthys, and their rotational cycles of 29.5 and 20.5 days respectively. By offsetting these cycles, I come up with some very interesting phenomena. A couple are noted here:

On Savor 28 there is a double full moon, known as "The Eyes of Osiris".
On Nuzyael 15 there is a double dark of the moon, known as "Set's Reprieve".

Prior to a session, I'll generate 1 or 2 months worth of weather, moon phases, and any other data I may need.

Herein is the finished Isolde Calendar - Top:
 Herein is the finished Isolde Calendar - Bottom:

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