Sunday, January 8, 2012

Non-Commisioned Regional Map

Atherton, one of my friends over at Dragonsfoot, had asked if I could create a regional map for him as part of a module he was working on. The specifics:

50 mile region
Beaver Dam
Salmon Ladder
2 lakes
Black Swamp

The look was left up to me, so I combined a couple techniques that gave the mountains a bit of 3D look, and added in subtle shading on the river itself. What I've discovered in this my first foray doing work for others, is to ask them for a rough sketch of what they need. By doing so, I can save redoing the same piece over since it didn't fit the original "visual" that was needed.

This was done in Fractal Mapper 8, then pulled into Paint Shop Pro to add text and small finishing touches.

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