Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Isolde-Delta: A History Part IV"

Crestfallen Library: Eyes of Night - 409
January 28, 1977 Original Design

The Winged God, Khepri had disappeared from the pantheon.

Priest's of Ptah and Osiris met to discuss this event, and through communion with their Deities, discovered a conflict had taken place amongst the Sacred. The details of this event have been sketchy, but visitors to the Temple of Khepri which was located in the city-state of Helios discovered the building razed. Throughout the realms similar reports trickled in and it became apparent that no sign of the cult remained, not priest nor their dedicated followers could be found. Stranger still, Hieroglyphs detailing Khepri were torn from walls and pillars as if someone wanted to eradicate the existence of the god.

South of Helios in the dark and fetid swamps, reports from returning parties raised concerns when it was discovered the native fire and giant scarab beetles were more agitated than normal. A troop was sent forth to investigate and were besieged by a massive swarm of beetles ranging in size from small dung beetles to the very rare giant stags. Only two priests returned from the expedition, but they had brought back a piece of torn cloth upon which the following symbol - a stylized M with golden wings - was found:
Over the next 80 years, priests of different sects kept tabs on the swamps and reports continued to be gathered about this mysterious symbol. The swamps grew quiet, and adventurous parties mentioned nothing of beetle attacks. Then, in 504 CL, a monk of the White Lotus stumbled into Coppice from Garroting Deep. His clothes and equipment torn, his body broken. Amongst his possessions a small cloth satchel contained a golden beetle in a design that had never been seen before. Wings blossomed from the back of the beetle and the unmistakable M appeared as a natural extension on it's back.

Helios awoke on the morn of the 100 year anniversary of the disappearance of Khepri and began their day. When petitioners began their journey to the city they came over a rise and discovered a new Temple was standing where the ruins of Kephri had been. It's golden sheets blazing in the morning sun, its door's swung wide, inviting.

A notice  hung from the sycamore trees nearby, its message one of foreboding:

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