Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Isolde-Delta: A History Part II"

Crestfallen Library: Day of the Meteor - 702
January 28, 1977 Original Design

Davorine the Gray woke with a start. He threw back the heavy blankets and rushed to the window, thrusting closed the heavy drapes. Shivering in the cool air his head snapped around and he stared at the dark mark on the floor, uncertain. 10 minutes later he had lit every candle and drawn a circle of protection around the room, sealing all the windows and doors with a dweomer of locking.

What had become known as "Vesper's of Stonework" lay open on the old desk, quill pen near by. Davorine settled into the chair and leaned over the ancient book, instantly drawn into the weave of the magical text. Like before when he turned the brittle page to the center, the massive sigil glowed in the candlelight, an odd green glow faintly visible around the edge of the stone inlaid into the page. He knew magic lived within that shape, but unlocking it was a task he couldn't undertake, just yet.

"...the massive boulder hurled through the night, over the dark army and crashed into the wall of the castle. A shudder of resonance sounded through the ancient stone yet it held...for now. Ozem the Blind stood on the parapet, staff stretched downwards and touching the stone, his white eyes unblinking. The vibrations rolled up into the staff and along its length, gathering in the massive thunder egg attached at the top. Energy congealed, writhing into the core of the egg and bright white light began to shine forth, dazzling and drawing the attention of the black army gathered below. 

Lycosis, demon lord and second in command instantly screamed an order "Felgekh dur nortiem!" (Kill the mage!). A battalion of gargoyles took to the air and flew directly towards the wall. As the gargoyles flew over the mass below, a hail of arrows and bolts flew upwards to greet the winged creatures. Eight of the beasts fell, and in that instant, the staff grew as bright as daylight in Ozem's hands.

A distant sound of thunder rolled outwards from the castle wall, and the wings of the remaining gargoyles shivered and flexed uncertainly. Gargest, leader of the battalion, screamed and dove downwards preparing to rip the heart from the chest of the human. Then he blinked and the mage was gone.

The staff stood balanced perfectly on the rock facade, it's gem like a beacon of light. Gargest hesitated, and in the next moment an explosion detonated outward. A wave of pure sound shattered Gargest, his skin turned to powder as he simply crumbled and fell like rain onto the army below. The battalion of gargoyles followed suit, while Lycosis faltered. He watched the wave pulverize the front lines of his army and when nine Stone Giants fell in the blast, he suddenly felt ... fear.

Davorine woke with a start, and raised his head from the table. The quill pen, loaded with ink rested in his hand on the fresh  parchment paper. He wiped the spittle from the corner of his mouth and looked down at the paper. On it, in a flowing script were nine words.

"The power of the Geomancer lies within your grasp"

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