Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Isolde-Delta: A History Part V"

Crestfallen Library: Breaking of the Dawn - 000
January 29, 1977 Original Design

The Temple of The Sun, a living monument to the Creator God Ptah.

In the beginning, he stretched forth his hands and the stars fell from his eyes forming the Cosmos. With the aid of Anubis and Bast they formed the triad of life and proceeded to present the seed to Khepri. He formed the ball into a giant ball of glowing plasma, and rolled it across the heavens. As time past, the various races of Isolde-Delta came to be and they looked to the sky and discovered communion with the Divine.

They were asked to keep a record of their people, and with the aid of Thoth, they learned to read and write, along with understanding the basics of their existence. They built a place set aside to pay tribute to the Divine, where they practiced healing, martial law and studied the stones of the Delta. Over time from these studies Priests, Monks and Geomancers came to be.

The spacious inner-courtyard is lit by flickering torches, each sconce made from one of the nine precious stones of the realm. In the center of the 8 sided star-shaped building sits blessed water, and on an island in it's midst a statue resides paying homage to Ptah.

Thus, The Temple of The Sun came to be. 

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