Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Isolde-Delta: A History Part III"

Crestfallen Library: Breath of the Phoenix - 702
January 29, 1977 Original Design

Davorine the Gray sat at his desk pondering the meanings of the words on the paper and lazily flipping through the ancient book, stopping momentarily, then glancing back at the parchment. He had repeated this same routine for the last few days, mesmerized by the symbol and the odd words. The Sigil drew his attention once more, and he idly traced the outer edge of the embedded stone in the book.

An attendant brought word that The Council of Crestfallen was sending an expert in the field of sigils to see the book. Davorine sighed heavily, as an Acolyte of the White Robe this was what flamed his pride, the ability to decipher symbols and root out their meaning. He glanced over at the hourglass, and felt his eyes grow heavy.

"My liege, they have odd magic, rooted in the very earth we stand. We've lost 20,000 troops and 40 battalions of gargoyles"...Torenticus, General-Advocate of the dark army stood before his master, eyes downcast to the ground as he finished his report. On the throne before him the great maul opened wide and in an instant the general winked out of existence. Lycosis stood to the left near the door of the giant throne room, then he found himself standing, staring into the eyes of his master.

"It appears you've been promoted Lycosis" ...a voice, like molten gravel rumbled through the room... "do not disappoint me"  The new general bowed so low his horns scraped the rock in front of the throne.."as you command my liege!". 

A sharp knock brought Davorine back to his senses. He hurried and opened the door and a thin man, hair pulled back in ponytail strolled into the room. His cloak fell in a heap as he turned to eye Davorine. "You've been sleeping with the book" ... it wasn't a question. "No I would never.." ...

"Understand me well Davorine" the man continued to stare at him, voice soft and chilling. His face was thin, and his clothing well kept. "The sigil is written on your face, the energies twist and churn below the surface, waiting to be released. We must hurry, for you've but a week to prepare"

"Prepare?..for what?"
"You've been chosen young Geomancer, for the journey of a lifetime".

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