Saturday, September 24, 2016

Temple of the White Lotus

I'm a firm believer that OD&D and 1E are the best versions because the rules have a mystical quality to them. In addition, since I run a medieval western campaign (always have, always will) I stick to the base classes. I wanted to include monks in my campaign, so I created the Monks of the White Lotus.

This is the finished recreation of the Temple of the White Lotus, devoted to study and training, and includes the largest fountain/reflecting pool that I've ever created. The monks supplement their temple's coffers beyond donations by selling their famed lotus at local events, and are a source for rarer varieties of the popular flower.



  1. BB, I would love to incluse stuff like this in some of my ongoing 1e/OSRIC based stories. would that be ok with you? You can give me anything you think is important to include otherwise I could so build a story around stuff like this.

  2. Tony,

    All 3 levels are complete as it stands. If you decide to add any backstory or extra rooms, let me know and I can include them in the history of the temple proper. 8)