Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Castle of the Bloated One - Garden Level - revisit

Originally, I had posted an image of the Castle of the Bloated One Garden sub-level on December 16, 2012. I had the write up from my original notes, but the image was based on an workaround due to not having the original main castle layout and the sub-levels available. It was all based on memory. The original image:

In any case, last week I was looking through my Forgotten Realms boxed set (for info on the gods of the realms), and in the bottom were six hex maps folded up. Angels did sing! So, I'm revisiting and posting the now correct information.

December 10, 1977 Original Concept

The Garden Sub-Level was designed as a place where crops are grown and harvested for the Castle's occupants, while the resulting seed is stored/maintained for next season. Fresh water is collected via the natural sandstone filter in the ceiling, which slowly drips down into the deep central collection chamber. An aqueduct complete with gated levers, drops the water down to Level 5.

Ventilation, sunlight, and some rain water is filtered down to the 80 foot tall chamber via four vertical Columnar Basalt shafts who's entrance is housed in twin open air buildings on the surface. These shafts have steep vertical stone steps, and while only the steadfast dare to use them on a regular basis, most prefer the twin Guard Tower stairs.

A grove of trees serves as a reminder of the deep connection to the Older Faith, while the outer walls keep the residents safe and secure during wartime. Other secrets remain...

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