Thursday, September 15, 2016

Castle of the Bloated One - Castle Main - Level 1

Now that the Castle complex is correct, the three previous posts show The Castle of the Bloated One Levels 4 through 6, which are specifically part of the Castle Main. These are not shown on the previous blue overlay map, because they are 212 feet below the castle complex. They can be accessed from inside the Castle Main, or by using the twin set of spiral staircase just east of the main entrance, and the vertical Columnar Basalt shafts located east and west.

In the past, rangers and druids were trained in specialties like botany and fungi, but recently (50 years), the school's focus has shifted to the preservation of knowledge, while still retaining a vast library of information on the trees located throughout Isolde-Delta. Level 1 includes the School of Scales, and the last surviving Llorimar Tree, known for its medicinal properties.


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