Friday, January 25, 2013

Ruins of Sin & Sorrow

March 1, 1978 Original Concept

Seismic activity during the construction of the Prison on the remains of the Flora and Fauna Lab led mages to consider that more structures could exist in the region of the Castle, but no proof existed verifying their claims.

Then, an ancient song  was found in the Crestfallen Library Annex that spoke of ruins long lost:

The Canticle of the Jezeret:

I lit the candles quickly, and poured the wine amply, then sat and began
- oh tell me Necromancer, of the fate of the dancer...
He gazed into my eye, as the flames did die and He said... 

"The sin that drags the soul, the stone guardians upon the knoll.
They withered away, their secrets became hearsay.
While deep under, lights faded and glowed like amber.
Beasts dream of the 'morrow, that leads to a feast of sorrow."

He withered away, as I leaned back against the archway 
I shivered and pondered his words, as the sound of halberds did fall...

Presented below is the Ruins of Sin & Sorrow:

The Old Ruins in Isometric view:

 Room of Passage:

 Bridge of Sorrows:

Cavern of Sin:


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