Friday, January 11, 2013

Pyramid of Lux the Mad : Final Data/Images

February 9, 1978 Original Concept

Earlier, I showed a exterior view of the Pyramid of Lux the Mad in Sketchup. One of the benefits I've discovered in using this software is that I'm able to visually line up levels drawn on paper, and then see how they fit together in 3D. Thus, while the 2 halves of the inner pyramid were solid in concept, seeing them match up internally added to the overall feel.

As a teaser, the inner Pyramid structure:

Perhaps its just me, but seeing something I did 30+ years ago in a virtual space is quite a kick, and it also reinforces my original concepts - proof in the Black Pudding - so to speak. Thus, the pyramid includes the exterior entrance (some 390' below ground) and all of the levels in place internally via cutaway. To begin, the final size is:

From tip to base, 392' 6"
Side to side, 555' 15/16"

For comparison's sake, the Cheops Pyramid is:
From tip to base (with capstone), 480' 11 17/64"
Side to side, 755' 9 19/64"

The Lux's Pyramid is approximately 82% (heigth) and 73% (width) of the Cheops Pyramid.

Front View:

Side View:

Isometric Grand Entrance:

Isometric Grand Entrance (Interior):  

Close-up of the Grand Entrance

Different View showing levels in place: