Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pyramid of Lux the Mad: Level 6

February 9, 1978 Original Concept

Level 6 continues the run of multi-tiers built into a single level. This particular area is ripe with exploration possibilities and also has plenty of surprises. When I first designed this, I used a sheet of brown rolled paper to try and draw it in perspective, that was a nightmare. Fortunately Sketchup was up to the task - as was my sanity.

Presented below is the 6th level of the Pyramid of Lux the Mad:

Entrance stairs of Level 6 in isometric view:

Rear look of Level 6 in isometric view:

The Obelisks, Grand Stairway..and hints of Mastaba housing:

..and another view:

..King Tut: 


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