Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Crypt of Fallen Pass

14 January, 1978:

Fallen Pass, the name is synonymous with bravery and duty. 27 souls held off an Orc raiding party for almost five days, allowing the local citizens of Centro to escape the onslaught. Those brave warriors were the first to be interred in the Crypt of Fallen Pass. Over the years, the land surrounding the crypt has slowly changed from a light woodland region to low foothills with water running off the mountain range. The crypt has slowly sunk into the mire, and while a few distant relatives still visit their family occasionally, the place has been left largely untended.

My original design for the crpyt included a main large mausoleum housing passages to smaller enclosures running around the outer perimeter. I kept the layout completely intact from my original design, instead focusing on recreating the look and feel of a mired crypt in an area that had a swamp feel, but didn't suffer from the stagnation predominant in older swamps.

This image is the base overlay, and does not include any hint of the layout inside. I'm doing this until the group actually plays here, to save any secrets that may exist. Included is the layout of the Crypt of Fallen Pass:


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