Saturday, July 16, 2016

"Rose Chapel"

06 February, 1978:

My mother and grandparents bought me a set of Encyclopedia Brittanica's in 1966 and again in 1975. I spent countless hours reading each volume, pouring over the details of various entries, and eventually I started using the contents for inspiration in my campaign. One such entry (from the '66 edition) focused on Rosslyn Chapel - yeah "that" chapel from "The Da Vinci Code". I've always had a fascination with Gothic and Medieval structures, from simple daub/wattle wall with thatched roof to manors all the way up to motte-and-bailey style castles. Gothic architecture fits this timeframe very well in my campaign as well, where the older buildings that are well-cared for are still a central part of the individual village/town - from temple or church to full blown cathedrals.

My original layout of "Rose Chapel" included exterior underground crypts, accessible only via a secret door in the main chapel mausoleum. The largest crypt has a secondary sublevel - that splits north/south for more exploration. Thus, presented below is "Rose Chapel", without and with exterior crypts.


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