Saturday, March 30, 2013

5 Mile Wilderness Hex

August 28, 1977 Original Concept

The original concept for this project was based on the idea to create individual 5 mile hexes that were modular in nature. Each hex would be fully fleshed out, with encounters/points of interest included, and could be dropped into any campaign world. The first hex focuses on two specific areas, The Castle of the Bloated One and the Vale of Kings, but also includes seven small towns, three lakes, two ruins. and one set of standing stones:

The Castle of the Bloated One environment:
  • 5 level Castle
  • 2 Full Dungeon Levels
  • Pyramid of Lux the Mad
  • Ruins of Sin & Sorrow
  • Ruins of Lycosis
  • Vargas EarthMaster Site
The Vale of Kings environment:
  • Mines of Neb-Tet
  • VK I - Hahmere II
  • VK II - Mut I
  • VK III - Seshem IV
  • VK IV - Malshek III
  • VK V - Nebthet II
  • VK VI - Hem I
  • VK VII - Ptah-Hetep II
  • VK IX - Mahdram I
  • VK XIII - Unknown
The original image is about 80 meg in size, so this is a reduced version to save load times. Thus, presented below is the completed 5 Mile Wilderness Hex:

A closeup of the Castle Precinct, taken from the Sketchup original model:


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