Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Isolde-Delta and Castle Zagyg Part 5

Background Continued:

To say I'm excited and elated is an understatement. This has Gary's fingerprints all over it and it shows. So, Yggsburgh and Dark Chateau are on their way - all that is left to do is track down a copy of East Market Gazetteer and I have the kit and caboodle.

Oh yeah, the dungeons, I forgot about them. Well thankfully, Joseph Bloch over at http://greyhawkgrognard.blogspot.com/ has created The Castle of the Arch Mage and its been made available to download at his site. It connects perfectly to the Upper Works and is amazing. I took it to Staples, and had it printed in a set of spiral bound booklets single page so I could keep/make notes on each page. I even had the maps bound separately to make my life easier.

Outside of booklets - note custom cover with MAPS written on it:


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