Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Isolde-Delta and Castle Zagyg Part 1

This set of articles details my original 1977 Isolde-Delta Campaign reloaded to the present. It will include details of The Foaming Flagons, which began at The Bloated Blowfish, located at Troyen, Elise Hundred.

For information on the Micro Sandbox Design process that was used in 1977, and updated for our current group, I draw your attention to my set of articles on Sandbox Design located in the Storage section on the left side of this blog.

Our host had some particle board in a corner of the basement, and prior to the adventure starting, I placed multiple help/wanted signs on the board. During the session, the players each took the time to go over and look things over, then each player had a vote to decide on a plan of action.

While the band Blind Guardian (5 bards) was playing on stage, one of the elves in the party struck up a conversation with a fellow mage, whom it turned out was looking for work himself. Hence the party had acquired their first NPC associate. They decided to take the job of guarding wagons on their way to Corvis, and then onto Jo'sRun.

Chaos ensued as they reached the hilltop swamp before Corvis, as they were set upon by Swamp Gobbers, kin of goblin, but smart and tactful. The heavy fog made fighting difficult (created by the small bellow driven devices the creatures used to gain surprise), and through the hail of bolts and solid rolls the heroes in training won the day.

Once arriving in Corvis, the party walked into a mystery, bodies were disappearing and with a large day of celebration only a week away, plans were quickly formulated to investigate. Multiple sites had to be checked/questions asked and answers only led the company deeper into the puzzle. It was a few days later when a respite came in the form of a tournament for the monks in the party.

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