Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project X: Part 15

Ice Mage's Treasure Hoard Generator
Version 1.0.0
Brett Paul
Status: Inactive
Found: The Ice Mage

The Treasure Hoard Generator, otherwise known as The Ice Mage Generator, remains one of the best because its based on the same treasure charts in the Dungeon Master's Guide, and for each monster in the Monster Manual I, MM II and Fiend Folio.

To begin, when your mouse hovers over a check box - say for Treasure Type A, you get a small hint at the bottom of the window that reminds you what values will be generated if that treasure is selected. This is a small thing, but in design and execution absolutely perfect.

NOTE: The check box at the bottom "Adhere strictly to DMG guidelines" is an excellent addition. Otherwise, normal items and coins will be distributed differently than by the rules.

Once you've chosen what types of treasure you need, click the "Create Hoard" button. You can double click any item to modify/customize for your own campaign, and you can add Coins and Items by clicking the appropriate buttons at the bottom the window. Shown below is the customize and Coins popup. Oh yeah, another feature? - You can convert coins with this interface!!:

Below is shown the Add Items interface. Two features worth noting are the DM's Choice and Detailed Spellbook buttons. Click DM's Choice and SOME - not all of the buttons will do this - but you can choose a specific item for your list. The Detailed Spellbook button is just that, choose it and you can choose class, and level of spells to add to it. BUT you can also use the DM's Choice button here and choose the exact spells you need for that hoard.

Overall, the Treasure Hoard generator is a bone-fade smash. All the features and the ability to print out both a DM and Players list separately is an added bonus - and makes this program an excellent addition to any DM's arsenal. Two thumbs way up!

NOTE: The link above is through The Wayback machine - but the links work as of this date - March 6, 2012. Grab the additional zip file created by THG user Greg for even more goodness


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