Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planemorph: Water

Next up is the Water Plane. I went with a swirling hodgepodge of ooze for the "walkway/swim-way", and added a slight alteration to the background swirling color. I think it presents a nice counterbalance to the other PlaneMorphs in this series.

From Planescape's campaign Boxed set comes the strongest support for this ooze:

There’s more than just water out here, too. There’s elemental pockets, though few hold their form long. Chunks of Earth hover in the stream, bubbles of Air drift aimlessly, Ooze worms through the endless ocean, Magma hardens to stone, and bitter brine marks a pocket of Salt. Only pockets of Fire are truly rare, most of them suffocating the instant they appear.

First up is a WaterDemo with the 9 tiles pulled together:
Then a closer look at one of the tiles:


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