Monday, August 16, 2010

There and back again: One stinky dwarf!

Diary Entry: Northwind Campaign

Drowsily I opened my eyes and tried to make sense of the flickering images. I was being herded, along with a dwarf and fighter through a dark corridor lit by greasy torches that filled my eyes with smoke. A cold chill ran through my bones when I tried to flex my arms but I was bound tight with no weapons nearby and I was naked. When we slowed, stumbled or fell down, a knife stabbed me in the ribs. I swore that I'd remain silent and not cry out, praying for the blow to come fast and sure. If my lot was to die in this dank place, I'd not give my captor any pleasure. Memories flooded back...

"Khem-Tep, I grant you leave. Return with proof of these dark tidings and keep thy mind strong. Take with you this feather of Maat, and the carved figurine of Sekhmet - items to help you on your journey. Speak with no one of this, but seek the guidance of a singer. Opal eyes shall be your sign, oh son of Idonis" The voice of Herem-Tem, Priest of Ptah echoed in the silence.

I ran, hard and fast through the woods stopping near a brier bush to collect my breath. For twelve days I'd ran, and now finally I neared my goal. A small village lay in the distance, a promise from the bard that I was nearing a clue. Three hours later as I left the witches room I felt something tugging on my cloak. As I glanced down a small wax beetle with gossamer wings flitted away, and the world went dark.

"Get a move on you bastard, or I'll poke you again"..

I felt the knife dig a bit deeper in my side, and I bit my lip hard to not cry out. We had travelled for an hour or so, when we entered a large room. In the torchlight I could make out tapestries on the wall, and the smell of ape filled my senses though I wasn't sure what kind it may have been. We were shoved into a corner, and then our feet were tied together. I was side by side with the dwarf, a smelly stocky one at that. When our captor moved over to talk with the others, I nodded to him and whispered "I am Khem, we will escape and kill them:". He gruffly replied "Burr".

Suddenly Burr yelled towards a guard, the man walked over, a sword in his hands and backhanded the dwarf hard across the face. I saw something in his eye - defiance.

I drifted off for a while unsure how long I slept but when I woke a female was tied near us. I tried not to stare but was struck by her physical strength. She sat with back against the wall, though relaxed she looked ready to fight. The guards had moved away, though some milled nearby, not close enough to catch any real news of where we were or how long we'd been here. A large man, wearing a huge helm was their leader, dark energy flowed around him and his aura was black as night to me. He pointed to us, then broke into shrill laughter, and the word "slaves" filled my head.

Then, a blast of light came from a corner of the room - "Have at ya", a dwarf with a deep accent screamed out, running into the room he hefted a throwing axe. Soon, I saw a couple spells being cast, one certainly a missile of some sort and the large helmed warrior was hit hard. Some of the guards slipped to the floor, never to breathe again, and then a break..a dagger came careening towards us.

I tried to reach it with my feet, but it was no good. The ropes held me tight and too far away. We had to move together as a unit quietly sliding forward. Just as I reached the dagger, a chant went off in my head and darkness engulfed me....

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