Thursday, August 19, 2010

First taste of combat...

Diary Entry: Northwind Campaign

I awoke to the tingling of my arms regaining their circulation and once my vision cleared I could see the large helmed man and his men had been beaten. A Sleep spell had knocked us and most of the guards out and after finding my equipment and getting my bearings I turned to the odd Dwarf with the deep accent, bowed and introduced myself, thanking him and his group for the timely rescue.

Turns out they were exploring this dungeon themselves in hopes of finding some information on the area in general. After spending a bit of time searching the room a leather bound book was found in a secret compartment. Malator, a human mage decided to study it in some detail. While he worked on that, we tried to find one of our formal captures whom knew anything, but it turns out most of them were hired help only in it for a few golds.

We'd wake a man, strip him naked, question him, then move them to another room, leaving their clothing behind as a sign to the others. In the midst of this questioning a voice screamed out:


With weapon's already drawn, and silent curses to various gods we all tensed, turned and stared at the mage - whom held the large tomb in his hands frozen in place, eyes wide open. He glanced at us, then down at the book, and then we heard the sound of something approaching quickly.

Dark shadows could be seen coming down a side hallway, I being the closest knelt down and drew my bow, another fighter in the group stood behind me and I could hear the string on his bow stretch under the strain of an arrow held in place. Odd primeval sounds came from the direction of the unknown creatures, but we could plainly see they held spears at the ready.

A throwing axe flew past my head, followed moments later by the caveman running past wearing only a loin cloth and screaming something unintelligible. I loosed my arrow but too quickly and it slipped sideways off my hand, however it took off like a shot and buried itself into the caveman's shoulder. I grimaced in sympathy but quickly drew another arrow. Three more arrows joined mine in flight, along with another axe.

Artemist the alchemist, standing in the back of the party threw a flask of oil down the corridor, holding a lit torch at the ready. The oil bounced and let loose its bounty, covering a wide section of the floor amongst the creatures and our men. My eyes grew wide at the possibilities, but as quick as the fighting had started, it was quickly ended when Ukkla, the caveman, body pressed the remaining creature into the floor.

I bashfully made my way over to try and help with Ukkla's wounds...

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